Aluminum honeycomb panel -- a new building material

Aluminum honeycomb panel -- a new building material

  • DATE:2020-10-31 11:24:02
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Aluminum honeycomb panel -- a new building material

  • DATE:2020-10-31 11:24:02
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Aluminum honeycomb panel is not only simple and convenient in construction, but also has ideal comprehensive performance. It has significant thermal insulation effect. It is a kind of green, environmental protection and energy-saving new decorative material.

As a new type of building material which is fashionable in modern society, aluminum honeycomb panel has attracted people's attention because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, seismic resistance, thermal insulation and sound insulation, flame retardant and other advantages. It has become the leader in the industry and is the first choice of building materials.

Since the 21st century, great breakthroughs have been made in China's economy and science and technology, especially in the development of chemical materials. A variety of new building materials with different functions have been developed and widely used in production and life, especially the use of aluminum alloy materials.

In recent years, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum plastic panel and aluminum veneer have been widely used in building materials industry, especially in aluminum honeycomb panel. It is not only the most widely used non-ferrous structural material in industry, but also widely used in other industries and fields, such as machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industry. It mainly uses aluminum alloy materials to make various forms of aluminum alloy plate, and the structure of this aluminum alloy plate is very stable and firm, and the use is also very safe and reliable. It can be said that aluminum honeycomb panel is a very reliable product in building materials.

Aluminum honeycomb panel product series has the advantages of excellent material selection, advanced technology and reasonable structure. It not only has excellent performance in large plate surface and high flatness, but also has a variety of shapes, surface treatment and color matching for your choice.

The features of aluminum honeycomb panel are as follows:

1. It is light and rigid, light in weight, strong in strength and large in bearing capacity. High strength and rigidity, not easy to deform.

2. Sound insulation, shock resistance, fire and moisture resistance.

3. Greatly reduce the building load and cost.

4. The finish is durable in color, resistant to weathering and chemical corrosion.

5. The installation is convenient and fast.

6. Luxurious and beautiful, durable.

7. Multi purpose.






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